Where does Jerry & Friends fit in?

Jerry & Friends aims to educate the general public, from a very young age, of the importance of neutering their pets, and helping in Trap Neuter Return (TNR) community projects.

We aim to encourage volunteer involvement and by spreading the word, we create awareness about the various ways that someone can help.

We hope to get adults and children actively involved in community TNR campaigns. By educating about the stray cat population, we will hopefully encourage people to neuter their pets too. A large percentage of stray cats on our streets are the result of pet cats allowed to give birth, with not enough homes available to adopt the kittens. Kittens are then dumped elsewhere by pet owners, when they have too many cats to care for.

Highlighting also that people who feed community cats also have a responsibility to neuter these cats before the colony grows out of control, Jerry explains how this can be done in a safe and humane way. This also helps to minimize the spread of disease and birth deformities in kittens are reduced. The cost of feeding a colony that is left to breed uncontrollably is much higher in the long run, than the cost to neuter the cats from the beginning. Maintenance is then required for any new comers that may join the colony over the years.

Our Pledge:

All proceeds from the sales of Jerry & Friends eBook, Kindle and Paperback versions, will go towards neutering stray cats in Cyprus, whether it be supporting colony caretakers or families that feed cats in their yards and do not have the financial means to neuter them.