Jerry & Friends, is an informative children’s story book suitable for Primary School students, but it is interesting and fun to read as an adult too.

It addresses one of many animal welfare issues on our Island, Cyprus, but is also relevant to many other countries.

With a rough estimate of 1,5million stray cats in Cyprus, it is evident that we all must offer a helping hand to stop the overpopulation and the hardships that they endure. Kittens are born with deformities or exposed to contagious diseases that can be avoided. They are exposed to dangers that exist on the busy streets, attacks by dogs and other unneutered cats. Mother cats are subjected to giving birth unprotected 2-3 times a year having to fend for themselves and their offspring. Male cats fight amongst themselves and are severely injured or killed. Diseases are passed on from cat to cat, resulting in a viscous circle of survival and an ongoing struggle for rescuers to help them. And then we have the poisonings and abuse from people who simply do not like cats.

So what can we do?

Jerry & Friends, takes us on a guided journey and teaches us how we can improve the life of stray and feral cats. He highlights the important role that humans play in their struggle for survival.

Published, as an eBook and Paperback, Jerry & Friends is a lovely story book which teaches us that every person has the ability to make a difference.